What is On Page SEO?

Search engine optimization has become a mainstay of the internet, so much so that any site that you would go to would likely have used some form of SEO in order to ensure that they are more visible than their counterparts once all has been said and is now out of the way. However, one thing that you should keep at the very forefront of your thought processes is that SEO is not always going to follow the exact same route every single time.

Indeed, sometimes you might need to focus on off site SEO, and there will be numerous occasions where on page SEO would be far more fruitful than might have been the case otherwise. On page SEO essentially refers to any optimization that is done on the site itself. That includes improving content quality and using relevant keywords, adding images that have the right metadata to get indexed by Google or any other search engine that you find to be important as well as site loading times which can have a surprisingly potent impact on what kind of ranking you’d be able to obtain.

On page SEO is the more traditional form of SEO that a lot of people are already quite familiar with, and while off page SEO is important as well you need to first and foremost perfect everything that is on the page in question. Everything else needs to come later such as backlink generation, since there is no point to generating traffic if your site does not already offer a relevant and high quality experience to anyone that manages to stumble across it. Sort this out first so that everything else becomes simpler.